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180220    consequence(s)

 18 02 15                 floow..

180214    no. wait - dig this one:  Eve?


180116    dig this book:  Peter Wohlleben:  the Hidden Life of trees

170312    Garden Seeds  -  sources and resources...

170115  Upgrade of  www.OPCs.us : new pdfs on:  1) fiber (collagen) - 2) requires:  Vitamin C.

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150912 NASA StarChild understanding our Sacred Universe

150831  Featured Book:  living growing

150821  Climate Wierdness  ??  aka  ClimateX

        or howBout WierdWeather  

150721  earth yesterday Smile :) for tomorrow.

150712  Prospect Hill Development | geology, history, allure


150618  "The church must introduce in its teaching the sin against the environment. The ecological sin."   -- Hope Francis


1503 31  Order3  easter


1503 11  Integrity is doing what is right, however inconvenient right may be.


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our common home earth needs us.

Mother earth requires fatherly attention: 

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1996 http://NCAD.net  Foundations of Design   .Lbrain

2002 http://emodo.net  earth Model Do   rBrain.

2012 http://schmidtPro.com credentials, Prospect Hill beginnings

2013 http://NationalFreedomBridge.com

2014 http://earthPa.us      "myBook"  ... evolve ... Love...

2015 http://OPCs.us    for your better health


NCAD Corporation established 1989 February after john started NCAD  in 1988 October.

1996 April - After 7 years at 805 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati, OH, NCAD filed for the NCAD trademark (http://www.uspto.gov) (search Trademark Basic:  NCAD).

1996 June - NCAD  moved to 463 Erlanger Rd, Erlanger, KY to establish NCAD.net on Windows NTserver.  This foundation enabled  erla, the site ID for the nation's first privately sponsord CORS - filling the  void central to the largest North American population - bounded by the Atlantic Ocean - Gulf of Mexico - Mississippi River - and - Great Lakes.


schmidtPro is a functional predecessor of earthPa, as is unWebbed (070324) fatherEarth.us  rising to heal our common mother


Once upon a time, there was no internet.


1977, on Prospect Hill, john started "Repairs and Renovation by John Schmidt" which was renamed in 1978 ACT7; later it was "John R Schmidt", then "john r schmidt" then schmidtPro which name has evolved to earthPa.