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20 12 22:  Extraordinary Report of  Accelerated  omni-Science

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20 05 06:  Simplified report of COVID-19  pathogenesis


Filtration per mask and HVAC :

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20 05 06   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Severe_acute_respiratory_syndrome_coronavirus_2


20 02 29    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pangolin     (edit/re-formatted)

The working theory of researchers in Guangzhou (S.China) is that

SARS-CoV-2     [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome]-[CoronaVirus-2]

originated in bats and, prior to infecting humans,

was circulating among pangolins.  (most trafficked/slaughtered animal in the world.)  [44][46

The illicit Chinese (and others) trade of pangolins for use in traditional Chinese medicine

(and other human drivers ) is suggested as a

vector (carrier) to humans who deliver to other humans (transmission).[61]


Pangolins  (eventually ruled out as the definitive source),

serve as the carriers  

for virus jumping from bats > to pangolins > to  humans.  


99% match did not actually refer to the entire genome,

but to a specific site known as the receptor-binding domain (RBD).[63]

  (whole-genome comparison had found that the

  pangolin and human viruses share only 90.3% of their DNA; 

   (at least 99.8% is needed for a conclusive match)[63]


Ecologists worried that the early speculation about pangolins being the source

may have led to mass slaughters, endangering the innocent animals further,

which was similar to what happened to civets during the SARS outbreak.[63][64]


:j:  so, if pangolins do not succumb to the bat virus,

        what immunity do they have ?

        that humans do not ??

Further, would humans please consider not strangling

their Mother Earth that is dying by humans stupidity.


You go Greta Thunder !!!