2015 01 14    Cincinnati Arch

In 1996, the 7-year business, NCAD, was forced to move from the Power Bldg (on the NWcorner of 8th & Sycamore 45202) (due to repurposing for residential condos) when research on GPS revealed the need for a reference station, a known point on earth, which did not then exist between the waters of:  Atlantic ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi river, and Great Lakes.  Flying over the Cincinnati NKy International airport, from San Jose to Baltimore for presentation of my research results, enabled a new view of the building and terrain in Erlanger, connected by Airport Road, sharing terrain prominenence.  Establishment of erla on that building was soon followed by reports of unparalled performance, especially stability. 

While grandPa taught me the basics of fixing (fencePosts) in the earth as was applied to the antenna mount on the central chimney, it was autumn 2002 before i enjoyed a brilliant presentation of KY geology by Jerry Weisenfluh, now director of KGS, including the cartoon (simplistic) depiction of the Cincinnati Arch encompassing NKy.  This led to the 2003 web story of the Cincinnati Arch, including several links which have become broken at the remote web.


Here we can enjoy updates of the 03 report with imagery from primarily the Ohio Geological Survey.  This may lead to further upgrades of the story.

Here are some images and pdfs awaiting further edification: