2015 08 21 - 31

Climate Weirdness  ??

phrase first noticed in City Beat (unrecoverable on web)


For his 2010 feb NYT proclamation,

did Tom Friedman find Teanna the artist (below, 2009),

or, more likely his colleague at the  Oregonian in 2008 ?

That is as far back as i need go, leaving for others to pursue

the primordial use of "Climate Weirdness",

("i" before "e" except after "c" and in Weird.

(inviting all deeper plungers to illumine  john@earthPa.us)

a more specified improvement over the ineffectual Climate Change.


Perhaps the Global Financial Crisis sparked

the GLOBAL realization

that something is Wrong


howBout simply  climateX

for parsimony,

to stand for Climate Weirdness - we use ClimateX.


What to do?

Listen to Thomas Berry.

More simply:  read Gaia Warriors (not just for kids)

Others, please do what you can.  Here are the priorities:


Personal redemption from earth

is what drives the suicide terrorist.


It is time to thank Jesus for his contribution: 

the power of Love

beyond which 

today, the new Jesus, our Jesus,

the Jesus informing Hope Francis,

 is Thomas Berry

To witness this GODsend:

http://wn.com/thomas_berry .

For his 80th birthday (he begins speaking at 8')

he is intro'd by his students, wifeHusband team,

that continues his erudite legacy at http://fore.yale.edu/ .

For reads:  there are more than 10:

e.g. Sacred Universe, The Dream of the Earth,

or most erudite:  The Great Work.


More illustrated science: 

The Great Story of our Universe

brought us on earth

uniquely communicating our consciousness of our GOD our Universe.


and we humans have damaged our Mother and

all the living here before our recently plundering arrival,

cheered by a transient religion of redemption:

humans praying for escape from this planet.

WE humans now must embrace this planet earth, our Mother.

to save myself, i must save my planet.



In 2009, interpreting her result, the artist offered:

(weirdly misspelled) “Climate Wierdness


Teanna Byerts



all images therein copyright 2009, Teanna Byerts


Winter Twilight (originally Winter Forest Guardian).

I did a series of these Elves, guarding wilderness reaches

(this guy seems to be a victim of Global Climate wierdness: the civet and the fennec are definitely warm weather creatures).

Winter Forest Guardian was a straight watercolor:  drew the guy and his critters.

Had reference of a kid in a National Geographic photo (changed it significantly so as not to steal sombody's photo image).

Had reference of civet and fennec fox.

Had reference (my photos) of winter woods.

Painted trees behind Guardian from foreground (nearest, darkest trees first) to background.

Feeling of distance is created here by trees growing paler (fading into the mist/air/snow) as they go away from you.