2018 02 20

Attending globally most pressing irritant:  untoward destruction of innocent life.

Please let me know of any exceptions/additions/edits to this set of predicates,

including references to wiki report on testosterone,

which, by one proton - is different from estrogen.


1.  Typified by the most recent Florida horror

98% of such murderous assaults are conducted by singular human with Y chromosome,

aka:  male.


2.  While the occurrence is rare and less horrific, a male victim of wound by female,

has probably earned his proper fate.

3.  Testosterone levels are substantially higher in males than females.

4.  There is evolutionary basis for the archaic role of testosterone supporting human prevalence.

5.  Prior to birth, female brains are protected  from (albeit lower levels of) testosterone

by alpha-fetoProtein which combines with testosterone to prevent traverse into female brain.


6.  Higher testosterone levels in male brains are associated with increased aggression.


7.  Going forward, it is recommended that all male subjects implicated in offensive acts --

are subject to blood sampling for testing testosterone level.


8.  In the meantime, whereas:


a.) the 1770s constitution could not fathom the degree of firepower provided by the AR-15 and such;

b.) due to fulminent increases in mass civilian casualties by males acting with unregulated impunity;

c.) in behalf of civilized society>




A.  All rights to posess any fireArm that delivers more than 1 projectile by 1 volitional act by male

are suspended.


B.  A license may be secured by a female, not having Y chromosome, after completing qualified test of competency, in the manner of qualifying to drive a vehicle.


C.  The right of a male to possess or use any firearm must be sponsored by a qualified female.


D.  A male who discharges a firearm without having registered permission of qualified female;

shall be subject to punishment to the degree of casualty obtaining from such improper use.


E.  Punishment shall be sufficiently painful to assure nonRepeat of improper use of firearm.

Subject male may invite upto 3 witnesses, chosen by and properly restrained, as is derelict male.

Duration and degree of punishment shall be determined by unidentified female official

and administered by robotic/mechanical means controlled by unidentified female deputy(s):



In summary, all firearms, use, and consequences

are under administration of women not having Y chromosome.