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notwithstanding modern complicating interference,

Noone alive is without Mother, the origin of being.

Noone alive is without religion.

The foundation for most human activity, inchoate or not, is religion

Religion comprises understanding of:

            (1) world - worldview;

            (2) GOD  and/or  unknowable;

            (3) civility, that is, the guide for interacting with others.

Several legacy religions widely dispersed around Bagdad share stories of: 

Adam & Eve, Noah (flood), and Abraham.


A bible is a codification of stories by elders.

stories derived by males defending life

who engendered communication

facilitating cooperation

defeating threats

from predators

enabling focus

of mothers

on baby:





Eve is untoward concoction by unknowing males.


Letís review the Bible, correcting the ignorance.

But wait --- this has already begun!

by Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815-1902) (4 years younger than Harriet)

for whom is named Stanton Ave in Walnut Hills 45206 -

parallel and just east of I-71 connecting McMillan to MLK;

and connected by Beecher St to StoweHouseCincy.org.

A starting point!



Happy Valentine!


DontWait!  >>

From Eve to Evolution


by Kimberly A. Hamlin, Miami U.


... turns out, the best advice for Homo sapiens

is to eat the Granny Smith Apple!