2018 02 15    edit: 02 24

Evolving / new Paradigm      (beyond Santa’s rib)                      Let the Queen flooow

In disparate precedents - Clarence Thomas - Bill Cosby - Donald Trump, finally the glass oscar of Hollywood is shattered.  Within a single month in 2017 occurred the epochal collapse of the oldest human paradigm:  that male is primary and shall rule. 

Succeeding original maternal religions, testosterone wrought most religions of this day, certainly all “western” religions, generally based on the primordial male hero of Abraham,

from which arose:  Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.  Long after uncharted mothers bore descendents from Adam and his wondrous rib, finally testosterone is the artifact of nature that must now be mastered.  “un-mastered” is no longer welcome in the new era

Yesterday’s Florida murderer was unable to master his testosterone.

The world today is consumed by the struggles among the boys of Abraham, a volatile non-Fraternity of competing worldViews, GODviews, and civil rules among the communities the boys rule, often thanklessly.

After dinosaurs fell to cosmic disruptions - testosterone was crucial in surviving and defeating the lesser mammals and unfriendly opponents.  Now it must be mastered as the womban rules.

Our youth are perplexed by the weird songs of angels past.  98% of the misfits of humanity are males perplexed by religions, evil, testosterone ... porn...

In 2018, we envision the possibility of victory over testosterone; unfolding over the world - breathing Gaia hope that trees and civility prevail.

The mission is:  gathering the feminine message empowering students to see the new vista beyond facebook - realigning the new world enabling the Queen City floow... 

let a woman flow”...”to her own natural rhythm” [1970 It’s a Beautiful Day (David & Patti)]

As one of the world’s first defined “knowledge engineer” (an abstraction beyond realms of logic, algorithm, dataBase, BigData, AI, et al) the strategy since college is holistic comprehension - unTrapped by drillDowns of academic dogma - while patiently focusing when details are consequential.  

From pre-Med > phenomenology of religion, focused on eastern religions > medical school (raising class average by 60 points) > construction > engineering:  teaching:  engineers/surveyors/architects/government:  how to network computer-aided design & modeling:  to plan, build, and manage a better world / while gratefully learning their science.  Bringing:  the global perspective of GPS Global Positioning System and

GIS  Geospatial Integrative Service.  Most recently:  Harriet Beecher Stowe  &  Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

The fundamentals are not being taught!: 

evil quite simply = 2nd Law of Universe (entropy); 

geology:  Cincinnati Arch on which Cincinnati securely rests; 

the value of soil - i am a derived product;




Cincinnati commerce was stymied by uncertain passage over the Falls of Louisville on the Ohio River - stopping to unload and reload - except in spring rains - 40 years of striving to muster the funds and engineering to canalize ->  finally, Cincinnati became the fastest growing provider of the West, after Samuel Foote, preEminent sailor and inspired uncle of Harriet Beecher Stowe:  1829: arranged PrivatePublicPartnership achieving the Louisville-Portland Canal, enabling yearRound Ohio River floow

via continuing admin by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  Harriet’s impact was HUGE.