2015 02 22

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TAFC was written just prior to viewing Sunday night public TV Oxford, OH "ThinkTV" Miller Forum

February 4 discussion broadcast Feb 22, led by host Douglas Blackmon with

John Owen, author of Confronting Political Islam; and UVa Professor Ahmed Al-Rahim

which closed without concurrence on the solution offered by Ahmed, who may appreciate the following:


World Order, Life, ISIL  TAFC

"ISIL" (L=Levant = roughly middle east), pursuant to statements Feb 20, is perhaps no longer used by President Obama.

who along with MillerForum panelists is searching for new referent;

how about:  TAFC  Terrorists Asserting Fascist "Caliphate" (quotes denying legitimate use)

(begging permission from, and unlikely to be confused with other uses of the 4-letter sequence)


In the prior century, world order was challenged early by contenders for democracy, communism, and fascism.  There were losers, and human life advanced to the primary challenge of the cold war. 

In this new millenium, that loser appears sore.

Also, arises a new Fascism TAFC  and assault on world order, originating perhaps 1999.


Another war may be even more important.  This is the war waged by unwitting humans for 2 centuries against Gaia.

The solution for both may be related.  Curiously, this solution has been delivered, but is for many ignored.  Initially by Pierre Tielhard de Chardin, prompted by the early 1900s struggle, then by his student Thomas Berry,


the solution is defined in the domain of worldView.  The new language is GaiaView.


Humans, realizing cognition and language, have been able to articulate worldView.  No other living being is so gifted; but we humans may infer, by increasing powers of empathy and science, worldView of nonHumans, e.g. dog.  This is likely if worldview is a byProduct of consciousness, which may obtain from any element of BANG=GOD=Gaia.


The human is a colony of contiguous cells.  Each animal and plant is a colony of contiguous cells.  Most living cells exist not contiguous with other cells, but may nevertheless exist in nonContiguous colonies.  And, there are living beings that do not qualify as cells, e.g. the virus.  Living is defined as the ability to go on in the similar form by reproducing, beyond termination of an individual.  Living succeeds by sufficient protection from evil = 2nd Law.


Order3 to come...


2014 sep 26Order1   Updated oct 12 with  Contributions by Tom Friedman and Dennis Wholey


Order = minimization of irritants.


exploring knowledge today always begins with Wikipedia (thank you, GOD).


“Order” is the topic sep 26 from David Brooks and his NYT colleague Roger Cohen.

Out of Brooks' constrained notion,

beyond the variations chronicled at Wiki, let us be clear:


Order can always be defined by

a set of rules (heuristics)

(for:  behavior or arrangement (categorization, listing, sequencing, etc))


For example, religion comprises:

1. understanding of GOD, or the unknowable

2. understanding of our world, worldView

3. rules of civility, guiding interactions amongst us.


Most generally (ecstatically), order is minimization of irritants – to life and perfect knowledge.

Irritants are manifestation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics.


To illustrate, the gardener seeks minimization of irritants to that which sustains us – the growing of food.  This gardener john, earthPa, has discovered the rules for gardening:  minimization of irritants:  weeds, pests, adverse chemistry/contaminants.  Today 14oct12  Thomas Friedman provides the perfect allegory.


By definition, imposition of order implies work by living force to (temporarily depress / beatBack) the influence of the Second Law, which precedes and is antithetical to Life.  Life arose consistent with but inspite of the Second Law which may be stated:  

shit happens; or

no life can last forever. or  

the Universe has been dying since its birth  BIG BANG = GOD.   (No other definition of GOD is required.  The BIG BANG represents time_0 in the origin of Life as we know it.  Some (wildly/foolishly) speculate about negative time or alternate Universes, but at time_0 is perfect Order; thereafter, reliably, orderly exploding to completely random DisOrder, asymptotically...

within which Universal process momentarily arises life -- at least on our ember of BANG.)


Back to the garden.  My rules for gardening:

1. pull all weeds around and in the growing field.

2. mulch with cut vegetation (weed-pulled, mowed, grass clippings from around the garden).


The results in 2013 and 2014, at 3126 Hulbert 41018, have been confirming of these rules:  no pests and manageable weeds > nearly perfect food (free of contaminants except from air by rain).


contest is also a verb.

the most general rule:


contest all irritants.

this leads to natural Order

(order that optimizes the opportunity for irritant-free life for All but irritants)


Let us apply this to world Order today.

From President Obama’s address 2014 September 24,

here are excerpts of his statements of irritants and contest:


threats to peace and security

to confront...the real and growing threat of foreign terrorist fighters

terrorism is not new

citizens killed by terrorists who target innocents

brutal murder

show resolve against terror and in defense of liberty

threatens people across Syria and Iraq

these terrorists exacerbate conflicts; they pose an immediate threat to people in these regions;

and as we’ve already seen in several cases, they may try to return to their home countries to carry out deadly attacks

to meet the evolving threat of terrorism

to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL


Curiously, all references to this invasive terror, imply a reference to the Islam religion claimed by the terrorists -- by our lead contender, President Obama, and by all the media i have heard!

This is inappropriate.  But since i claim no authority for such judgment, i will defer to one who may.  During interview on

Show 1801:  Mohammed Al Hussaini Al Sharif, Ph.D.

with Dennis Wholey, the Ambassador to the US representing the League of Arab States (22 countries)

(formerly Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the Republic of Turkey, and previously to Canada)

answers Wholey's question "What is this Islamic State?"

"You know I don't want to use "Islam" on this "state"; I hate to use any religion really to describe this group.  They use Islam and don't know they are tarnishing Islam. ...  It's political; it's not religious at all." ... "Terrorists / Deviant -- they cannot be Muslims at all."



a terrorist is a weed.