2015 03 31  updated Dec 2


Order3          (Order 1 and 2)


TaxForms mailed, let us continue...

on the challenge in the Middle East for life-supportive Order,

and the value of this paradigm in the degradation of Gaia, our common home.

Gaia is specified by James Lovelock in his 2006 Revenge of Gaia as the spheric shell centered around earth,  surrounding the lifeless molten core on which her tectonic plates float, extending "about 100 miles outwards" to the intersection with cosmic space, the outer edge of what clings to or rides along with the whirring counterclockwise rotation of our planet, as opposed to drifting through the cosmos.  In this volume is our physiological homeostasis, our cosmic cell, afloat in the continuing explosion of BIG BANG.  Our representative from BANG is SUN.

NASA's DSCOVR, launched 2015 Feb 11 -- to reach, in June, a galactic gravitational equilibrium named L1, where the force of gravity on the satellite by SUN is equal to the force of gravity on the satellite by earth.  Requiring minimal positional refinements, it remains -- back to SUN -- facing  earth as earth rotates, snapping digital images to be conveyed the following day for us to see the majesty of

Gaia as one - illuminated by SUN.

On average, it takes 8'19" for photons from SUN to reach earth.   Unlike earth, with solid core, SUN rotates faster at its poles than at its equator, which viewed from earth completes in 28 days.  So our witness of SUN during those cloudless moments is always a new view of its asynchronous counterclockwise turn.  Perhaps this July we have a mirror to see each illuminated day of Gaia's photosphere.  As always, we seek our best image in the mirror.


The order demonstrated by DSCOVR contrasts with the chaos we face in our planetary bio-shell.  While chaos is the primary condition of BIG BANG, here life has arisen, a rare anomaly of order within the Universe of continuing explosion.  DisOrder is a fact of the Universe; we are of the Universe; we must never be surprised by the manifestation of DisOrder.  This is the Second Law of Thermodynamics of all the Universe of all the earth -- of all of Gaia.  Another name for this DisOrder is evil.  Life is a delicately complex ordered system in harmony with the Second Law, but always subject to the fact of / threat by / tendency to fail.

the shot to the hoop may miss. 

Directing life to succeed requires energy to produce and sustain the delicate order.  Every living being expresses this tenuous order until it fails, and finally dies. 

There are no rewards for death for the individual; only for the group that comprises / shares the remaining gifts and soul (remembrance) of the dead one. 

There are no willing virgins in heaven.  No afterLife.   No kindly forgiving Father in heaven.  No heaven for the individual -- just dust  -- from which new life  may be kindled.


If we invest in the order required to save Gaia,

new life may be kindled --

is the easter message


praising the rise of SUN -- more knowingly:  the turn of Gaia.